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What are tennis racquet grip sizes YOU MAY ASK!

Not unlike the scoring system in Tennis, Grip sizes on Racquets can be very confusing. Even many people that have played for years still get it wrong but we can keep it simple for you.

The smallest Adult grip size is: L0 or G0 this measure 4" in circumference (very rare) and so on:

L1 or G1 = 4 1/8 (X-Small)

L2 or G2 = 4 1/4 (Small)

L3 or G3 = 4 3/8 (Medium) this is by far the most purchased grip size (75% of players)

L4 or G4 = 4 1/2 (Large)

L5 or G5 = 4 5/8 (XL) and is very rare in Australia however we can special order it for you if you have a exceptionally big hand.

Junior racquets are typically:

26" inch length: L0 or G0 = 4"

25" inches in length: L00 or G00 = 3 7/8

23" inches in length: L000 or G000 and so on with no options for different size handles.

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