Head Graphene XT Speed MP (100) Tennis Racquet - RE-RELEASE!

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The Head Graphene XT Speed MP is back! Head's revolutionary Graphene XT increases the weight in the top of the frame and the handle in order to provide better energy transfer, increased swing weight and a higher sweet spot for the maximum power in today's game.

Although weighted for intermediates, this stick should also work well for the advanced player who is ready to switch to a faster, more maneuverable option. At 300g unstrung, the Speed MP accelerates with ease and delivers impressive accuracy on full cuts. The open 16x19 string pattern puts a tight grip on the ball, making for easy topspin and slice. Thanks to Graphene XT in the shaft, Head is able to move extra mass to the grip and tip, giving the player easier access to power. From the baseline, this racquet's whippy feel and open 16x19 string pattern provide the ingredients for explosive cuts and big spin. The light weight and quick handling is ideal for hitting forehand winners on the run. In addition to being a great baseline stick, the Graphene XT Speed MP delivers solid performance at net. Playtesters noted good stability for a light racquet along with enough pop to stick the ball deep. We also found that the maneuverability and lively feel translated into penetrating serves with plenty of action on kickers and slices. Best suited to intermediate through advanced players in search of a maneuverable player's racquet that delivers all the precision, spin and power needed for high level tennis. The great price is hard to resist!

  • Product Name:  Head Graphene XT Speed MP (Strung) No Cover
  • Manufacturer #:  230605-S
  • Sport:  Tennis
  • Headsize:  100 sq. in.
  • Length:  27"
  • Beam_Width:  22mm
  • Weight Un-Strung:  300g
  • Racquet/Player_Type:  Advanced
  • Colors:  Black/Lime
  • Composition/Construction:  Graphite/Graphene XT
  • String_Pattern(Mains_X_Crosses):  16 x 19
  • Recommended_String_Tension:  48-57 lbs.
  • Balance:  32cm/(12.6 in.)
  • Frame_Technology:  Graphene XT
  • Grip_Type:  Hydrosorb Pro
  • Misc:  Strung with Head Synthetic Gut 16g