Tier One Black Knight Tennis String Set (40 feet/12.2 m)

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"The ultimate poly for high performance players!"

An innovative, six-sided, high performance string designed for the modern tournament player. The latest co-polyester blend ensures an ideal balance of power, directional and depth control and access to spin. Maximizing durability and tension stability will offer heavy hitters with a long lasting, enhanced playing experience.

What makes this 6 sided co-poly string so truly special is that although, it is very soft/arm-friendliness (see USRSA lab data below), it holds tension extremely well (see USRSA lab data below), offers outstanding durability AND provides the high level player with precise depth and directional control. It is common thought to assume that the string would respond very "springy" and loses tension quickly due to its softness. Quite to the contrary, this is one of the string's strengths!

Player Recommendations:

  • Used to playing with co-poly
  • Looking for a well balanced string with great directional control, exceptional durability and ultimate access to spin
  • Playing level 5.0-7.0 NTRP, college players, ITF players, etc.... (advanced - high performance level)
  • High level junior from age 15 and up

String Characteristics:

String Specifications:

  • String Names: Black Knight
  • Gauges: 16g (1.28mm), 17g (1.25mm), 18g (1.18mm)
  • Length: Set: 40ft/12.2m
  • Color: Black