Tier One Ghost Wire Tennis String Set (40 ft/12.2 m)

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"The smoothest poly I have ever played"

Ghost Wire is designed for players who seek the benefits of a co-polyester string but at the same time look for an elevated soft, arm-friendly playing response. Its new-generation polyester compound ensures players of all levels ultimate durability, high tension stability and precise directional and depth control. Its round, slick surface makes it a superb choice for hybrid string setups!

Who should try the string?

  • Players who would like to transition from a nylon/multi string to polyester.
  • Players who are looking for an arm-friendly playing alternative but still want to enjoy the benefits of a poly string.
  • All playing levels.
  • Ideal for hybrid stress set-ups!

String Characteristics:

String Specifications:

  • String Name: Ghost Wire
  • Gauges: 16g (1.27mm), 17g (1.22mm), 18g (1.17mm), 19g (1.10mm)
  • Length: Set: 12.2mm/40ft, Reel: 200m/656ft
  • Color: White