Tier One Strike Force RIP Tennis String Set (40 feet/12.2 m)

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"The most comfortable poly I have ever played, you would think you put a multifilament or synthetic gut in your frame...!"

A new generation, monofilament string providing aggressive players with ultimate ball control. Players who seek the benefits of co-polyster will additionally profit from a uniquely soft impact and a superior playing experience. The string's pioneering rippled surface will deliver ample ball bite to the modern spin seeker.

Player Recommendations:

  • Player who wants to transition from nylon/multifilament/synthetic gut to poly
  • Looking for a poly with a soft impact
  • All playing levels (please note the lower the playing level the thinner the gauge)
  • NOT SUGGESTED for players who are looking for a string that recoils (string will NOT move back to its position)

String Characteristics:

String Specifications:

  • Gauges: 16g (1.28mm), 17g (1.23mm), 18g (1.18mm)
  • Lenght: Set: 40ft/12.2m, Reel: 656ft/200m
  • Color: Black