Tecnifibre Triax 17g 1.28mm 40' (Natural)

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Tecnifibre offers for the first time an answer to the following constraint: how to guarantee high performance players the possibility of maintaining throughout their match a constant and deep ball length while guaranteeing a firm touch to generate spin and a very good durability? Welcome to the Triax! A higher level of playability, thanks to its Multifilament construction. A higher level of durability, thanks to the co-polyester material, used for the first time in a multifilament. A higher level of arm protection, thanks to the use of Polyurethane (HD) whose flexibility is set to 100%. A higher level of spin, directly related to the higher level of firmness of a multifilament.
  • Product Name:  Tecnifibre Triax 17g 40' (Natural)
  • Manufacturer #:  01GTR128XN
  • Colors:  Natural
  • Gauge:  17g/1.28mm
  • Length:  40'
  • Type:  Multi-Poly Fusion